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Taylor's Photo Sets
Descriptions by Sonia Dane
Evening Swim
Sonia's Description
You are Taylor's next door neighbor, and you look over the wall separating your yards as she walks out to the pool for an evening swim.  She bends over to test the water and you get a nice view down the front of her dress.  Satisfied with the temperature of the water, she squats down to unbuckle her shoe.  That's when you see up her dress, and find that she is wearing sheer bronze bikini panties!  As she sits down to take off her stockings, she spots you looking on, and says hi!  You think the show is over now that you've been spotted, but the show is just beginning :-) 
32 pictures
Taylor's Legs
Sonia's Description
Taylor's Legs
This photo set is all about Taylor's legs!  It starts off with Taylor bare legged in a mini dress and six inch platform heels.  Taylor's legs are already some of the longest, sexiest legs I've seen, but in six inch heels they are beyond belief!!  There is a great sequence of pictures where Taylor puts on her stockings.  She rolls them up in her hand, begins pulling them over her toe, slides them over her ankle, stretches them over her knee, and pulls them ALL the way up her thigh, clasping them to her garter at the top!  There are some great close-up shots of her legs and feet in this series, as well as some beautiful upskirt shots and low-angle upskirt/legs shots.  If you are a legs and stockings lover, this photo set was made for you! 
36 pictures
White See-Through Robe
Sonia's Description
White See-Through Robefree picture
Imagine lounging around the house with Taylor, while she's wearing her sheer white see-thru robe.  You can see her purple satin bra and matching thong panties underneath.  As she moves this way and that, you get peeks at her from all angles...  her stocking covered legs...  her satin covered breasts...  her thong panties dividing the smooth round cheeks of her butt...  She unties the robe and lets it fall to the ground.  She unclasps her bra.  She leans forward on hands and knees, letting her bra drop away from her breasts.  Then Taylor puts her sheer robe back on, teasing you with the sight of her breasts through the gossamer nylon.  And when you don't think you can take any more, you watch her pull her panties down behind the veil of her robe!
31 pictures
Easter Pantyhose
Sonia's Description
Easter Pantyhosefree picture
After Taylor dyes her eggs, it's time to hide them.  But she can't very well be running around the yard in just her panties!  So she dresses up in a sexy outfit that is just perfect for Easter egg hiding.  First, she puts on a baby blue strapless bra.  Then she steps into her strapless mini dress.  She realizes that her pink lace gesturing doesn't match her bra, and slips them off before stepping into a pair of blue cotton thong panties.  Then Taylor takes her time putting on her pretty pantyhose with fuscia heel and toe reinforcement and backseams.  She slides them over her toes, then slowly pulls them up her legs and stands up to stretch them up over her hips to her waist.  And now she is perfectly dressed for an afternoon of hiding Easter eggs.  Bending and stretching to reach different hiding spots, Taylor treats us to many stolen peeks at her pantyhose and more! 
47 pictures
Easter Panties
Easter Panties As Taylor colors eggs for Easter, she gives you some sexy peeks up her dress at her pretty pink thong panties, and down her top at her deep cleavage.  Then she discovers another pair of panties in her Easter basket!  She pulls them out and sees that they are pink lace G-string panties.  She decides to try them on, and treats you to a tease as she slips off her thong panties and steps into the lacy G-strings.  When she goes back to finish coloring her eggs, her dress slips down, and one of her perfect breasts is revealed.  So she decides to take it all the way off and finish in just her pink panties! 
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Waiting Room Strip
Waiting Room StripTaylor has an appointment at the doctor's office.  She is the last patient of the day and is waiting alone in the waiting room.  The doctor is taking longer than expected.  So Taylor begins undressing right there in the waiting room, figuring this will save some time in the exam room.  She takes off her jacket and blouse, revealing her white satin and lace bustier.  As she sits in the chair, you can see her lacy white panties up her skirt.  Her bustier has trouble containing her perky nipples, and she decides to unclasp it and take it off too.  Imagine the doctor's surprise when he invites her in the back for her examination, and finds her already half undressed!  What a great way to end the day! 
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Red Satin
Red Satin Above the black strapped heels, and the black backseamed stockings, past the lace stocking tops and garter straps...red satin caresses Taylor's waist and breasts.  This set starts with Taylor wearing a long black skirt and lycra blouse.  The skirt has long slits up the side which accentuate her long legs and give peeks at her stocking tops and red satin panties.  She peels the blouse off over her head, revealing the bright red satin of her laced front bustier.  Then, kneeling on the floor in front of the fireplace, she slips the skirt down over her hips and down her legs.  As she rolls over on the carpet, one of her nipples springs free from its cup.  The set ends with a series of pictures of Taylor untying the laces of her bustier and lowering the cups!
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Sheer Black Robe
Sheer Black RobeTaylor lounges in the bedroom, wearing a sheer black negligee robe.  It does little to cover her bare breasts or her very sheer thong panties.  When she takes off her tan thigh-high stockings, she notices a run and begins tearing the stockings off of her leg.  Then, with her stockings off and her black patent leather mules back on her feet, she poses for a few more revealing shots! 
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Satin and Lace
Satin and LacePink satin, black lace, and long legs in stockings...what a combination!!  Taylor is wearing a little mini dress that is so short it doesn't even reach down to the tops of her stockings!  This makes for some great upskirt pictures peeking at her pretty black lace panties.  Then she peels off her dress.  And after brushing her hair, she steps into a beautiful pink satin and black lace nighty.  She unclasps her garter straps from her stockings, takes off her high-heels, and rolls her stockings down her legs.  Now bare legged, she sits up on the bathroom counter to paint her toenails.  The last picture is a close up - Taylor is sitting on the counter, her legs parted, the straps of her nighty have fallen off her shoulders, and she is looking at you with a look that could bring a dead man back to life!
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Schoolgirl Cookies
Schoolgirl CookiesTaylor is walking down the street in her little schoolgirl uniform, selling cookies to raise money for her school.  But that's not all she's going to raise in this outfit!  She knocks on your door and gives you her sales pitch.  And when you are slow to make a purchase, Taylor says she'll let you see her frilly white brief panties if you buy some of her cookies.  So she lifts up her skirt and shows you her pretty panties.  But you say that's not enough.  You want to see more!  And Taylor, of course, obliges.  She's ready to do anything to support her school.  And to your amazement, she begins taking her clothes off right there in your doorway! 
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White Bustier
White BustierTaylor just keeps getting better!  In this photo set, she starts in a long sheer baby-blue dress, through which you can see glimpses of her pretty underthings.  We shoot a little pool together and she tries to distract me by flashing her panties and her breasts while I'm trying to shoot.  That's just not fair!! :-)  Then, she slides her dress off completely before taking some more shots in her white bustier, panties, stockings and platform heels.  She has a little difficulty keeping everything in her bustier while she is shooting!  Finally she lets me unclasp her stockings and help her out of her bustier for a few more pictures of her in just her panties and stockings.
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Taylor's Bras and Panties
Taylor's Bras and PantiesIn this set, Taylor tries on five different bra and panty sets and models them for you.  It's like getting a look into her bedroom as she is changing!  The panties are all either thongs or bikinis.  Other than the black set that she is wearing in this sample picture, the other four bra and panty sets are the one in her hand and three more in the drawer in front of her.  A body like Taylor's really makes the outfits look great!
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Home From Work
Home From WorkWow!  Taylor has really outdone herself with this photo set!  And you'll see that she is overcoming her shyness as well!  This is a fantasy photo set, where Taylor is coming home from work, and bringing a bit of homework with her.  She walks in the door in her business suit, files in hand, and lays the files down on the living room table.  This gives us the first opportunity to see the tops of her black stockings and the edge of lace from her black slip, peeking out from under her skirt.  There are several great views up Taylor's skirt as she squats down by the table and sits on the couch to start working on her laptop.  On the couch, she sheds her jacket, and you begin to see the shadow of the black satin bra through her white blouse.  Taylor then takes a break from her work and slowly starts removing her work clothes - first her blouse, then her skirt, then her black half-slip, and then her bra!  Now dressed (or should I say undressed) in her stockings and panties she sits back on the couch, staring at her computer screen, trying to get into her work.  Soon she is back at work, leaning over the table and typing away at her computer.
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Washing the Car
Washing the CarTaylor is out in the driveway, washing her car in her bare feet.  Her white tube top and tiny mini skirt do little to keep her covered as she bends and stretches.  When she gets sudsy water on her top, it becomes transparent.  And her skirt is so short, she can't squat or bend over without showing your her white thong panties.  And as if this weren't enough... Taylor has trouble keeping her top on!  It falls down from the top and rides up from the bottom.  And lucky for you, she doesn't notice right away :-)  When Taylor is done, her panties have become uncomfortably wet.  So she reaches up under her skirt and takes her panties off right there in front of you in the driveway! 
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Black Stockings 1
Black Stockings 1Wow!  If you like legs, you're gonna love this photo set!  Taylor has some incredibly long legs which are made even longer in a pair of black patent leather six inch platform heels!!  We got a few pictures of Taylor putting on her make up before going out into the living room where she sits and lays down on the couch to eat some strawberries in a very seductive way!  The sheer black and red panties she is wearing give us some very sexy and revealing looks as she sits on the couch.  And we even get a little peek at her breast as she lays down on the floor! 
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Black Stockings 2
Black Stockings 2In Black Stockings 2, we see more of Taylor's great legs in sheer black stockings!  This photo sets starts of with Taylor removing her bra and slipping into a long flowing black dress with slits all the way up both sides of her legs!  I am in a couple of the pictures with Taylor, helping her with her hair (and there's lots of it!) and with her garters (it's a rough job, but someone has to do it!) in front of the full length closet mirrors.  Then she lays down on the bed to smoke a cigarette before posing for a few more great legs pictures!  What a beauty she is, reclining on the bed!! 
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Having You for Dinner
Having You for DinnerIn this photo set, Taylor is getting ready to have a guest for dinner.  She prepares the table, and then waits for her guest to arrive.  It seems her guest is running late!  How could anyone keep a beauty like Taylor waiting, dressed to kill in her red dress and lingerie?!  But then the doorbell rings and she goes to open the door.  It turns out it's YOU she's having for dinner :-)
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Taylor Gets Ready
Taylor Gets ReadyIn this photo set we have the pleasure of watching Taylor get ready to go to work.  We see her through the clear shower doors as she finishes up her shower, towels dry, then steps into her blue velvet teddy.  Taylor then slips her stockings over her feet, pulls them up her legs and clasps them to her teddy suspenders.  Then Taylor puts on her makeup in the mirror and gets into her business suit powder blue mini skirt.  There are a couple of great low-angle upskirt pictures as Taylor leans against the bathroom counter to put on her makeup.  She then rubs on some lotion and puts on her high-heels and buckles the ankles straps - all ready to go!
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Bedroom Window Strip
Bedroom Window StripIf you were Taylor's neighbor, you would see Taylor lift the blinds on her bedroom window, and then slowly...teasingly, begin to strip for you!  She pulls her black mini dress down off her shoulders, over her breasts, and past her hips.  Then she lays on the bed to pull it the rest of the way off!  On the bed, she sits up and unclasps her bra, letting the straps fall down her arms, then rolls over on all fours, letting her bra fall to the bed.  There are several great closeups as Taylor removes her bra!  She then stands in front of the window exposing her topless figure to you.  The only thing better than seeing this beauty through her bedroom window, would be being in the bedroom with her!  And that's where these pictures put you!!
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