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Taylor Robbins
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Taylor's Photo Sets
Descriptions by Sonia Dane

The Laundry Room
The Laundry RoomTaylor goes to the laundry room to finish a load of wash.  A lucky neighbor is fortunate enough to watch her do her laundry dressed like this!  While she is there, she decides to wash the dress she is wearing too!  And the guy is there to witness the whole thing!!  This guy never enjoyed doing laundry so much in his life!  I'll bet he's there every day, hoping she'll come back :-)
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Schoolgirl 2
Schoolgirl 2Taylor is an even naughtier schoolgirl in this new schoolgirl photo set.  She gives you lots of peeks up her schoolgirl uniform skirt at her pretty white thong panties, as she bends this way and that, sits with her legs apart, and lays back with her feet in the air!  She sucks seductively on a popsicle as she studies.  Then she starts taking off her uniform, unbuttoning her blouse first to show off her pretty white push-up bra!  Then she slips her skirt off of her legs.  And with an innocent look at you, she drops the cups of her bra to show you her pretty schoolgirl breasts.  Now in just her panties, ankle socks, and black patent leather pumps, she packs her things in her backpack and goes upstairs to bed.
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The Interview
free pictureThe Interview LingerieTaylor walks into your office for a job interview, and you know this is going to be a good day!  Immediately you notice the tops of her stockings below the hem of her very short black dress.  When she sits down, you get a very clear view of her silver thong panties up her skirt.  She asks if you mind if she removes her jacket - you say "of course not!"  She takes of her jacket and lets down her hair.  When she sits back down, you tell her her dress is so short that you can't help seeing her garter and her panties.  And although you know it's not proper business ethics, you suggest to her that if she dressed that way on purpose, she might want to show you what she looks like under her dress.  She knows she's more than qualified for the job, but she finds you attractive and she's enjoying the game.  Soon you'll know how much she wants the job!
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The Tutor
The TutorTaylor is a tutor, paying a house visit to a problem student!  She tries to remain business-like and professional.  But her student teases her and distracts her until Taylor gives in and decides to play along with her student.  At first she says, "if you want to see what's inside my jacket, maybe I should just take it off!"  And when her student keeps trying to lift up her skirt, she decides that maybe she should lose that too! 
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Lingerie Model
Lingerie ModelIn this photo set, Taylor completes her transformation from the Girl Next Door (photo set #30) to the Lingerie Model.  This set picks up where Girl Next Door left off.  Taylor is laying on the bathroom floor, slipping her white lace thong panties up over her hips.  She then slides into her white lace-top stay-up stockings, and pulls her sheer babydoll nighty on over her head.  Finally she puts on her six inch platform heels, and steps outside for some beautiful night time lingerie pictures! 
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Red Lace Thong
Red Lace Thong In this photo set, Taylor is wearing an elegant black dress with slits high up her thighs.  She is wearing a black garter with her black stay-up stockings, but decides to unclasp her garter and wear her stay-ups without it.  As she lifts her dress to do this, you get the first glimpse of her pretty red lace thong panties.  But it's not the last!  She lifts up her dress to give you the full view of her panties.  And then she slips the straps of her dress off her shoulders and drops it to the ground, revealing her braless breasts and her pretty little red panties in their full glory! 
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Black Bustier
Black BustierIn this photo set, Taylor comes home from an evening of dancing at a night club wearing a short little tube-top dress over a beautiful black satin bustier with matching black panties and garter.  She goes to the closet to pull out a red satin camisole and tap-pant set to wear to bed.  Then she starts to undress.  She takes off her jacket, then slips her dress down over her breasts, her hips, and down her legs.  Then she removes her shoes, unclasps her garter from her stockings, and rolls her stockings down her legs.  Taylor then removes her garter and unclasps the back of her bustier, letting it fall away from her breasts.  Now down to just her black satin panties, she slips into her camisole and tap pants, all ready for bed!  There are lots of beautiful cleavage and breast pictures in this photo set, as well as some great pictures of Taylor's legs and her beautiful lingerie!
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Girl Next Door
Girl Next DoorIn this photo set, Taylor gives you a taste of her transformation from the wholesome Girl Next Door to the Lingerie Model (photo set #31).  Taylor arrives for her photo shoot wearing jeans and a blouse with black boots.  She goes into the bathroom to get changed.  And we watch as she removes her blouse to reveal the nude body stocking she is wearing under her clothes.  Slowly she strips down, removing her body stocking at last, before beginning to slip on her panties in preparation for her lingerie photo shoot! 
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Hottub Babydoll
Hottub BabydollTaylor looks so hot in her little sheer babydoll and sheer panties, I don't think see needs a hottub!  The babydoll and panties are super sheer, but they become almost transparent when Taylor gets them wet!  This is a beautiful series of pictures that follows Taylor as she moves around the hottub, getting on her hands and knees to test the water, then removing her platform heels and stockings before getting into the water.  Once in the water, she unties and removes her babydoll, and holds the sheer wet material up, letting it cling to her breasts!  When Taylor gets out of the water, she teases you with her almost invisible panties, then towels her legs dry before putting her stockings and heels back on.
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Full Slip Strip
Full Slip StripIn this photo set, Taylor starts off in a full-length skirt and a white button-up sweater.  Slowly, she unbuttons her sweater to reveal the lace and nylon top of her white full-slip.  She takes her time removing her sweater then unzipping her skirt and sliding it down her legs.  Then you watch as she lounges in her slip, giving some nice peeks up her slip at her shiny white nylon bikini panties.  Then Taylor's striptease continues as she lowers the shoulder straps of her slip and lets it slide down her body and her long legs.  You then see the pretty white satin bra she is wearing, which you watch her unclasp and drop to hold in her hands! 
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Back in Black
Back in BlackLong legs in stockings, classic black patent leather pumps, black thong panties, black satin bra, long black nylon half-slip...  Dressed like this, Taylor is your bartender.  Actually she starts off wearing a leopard pattern satin bra which she seductively changes for you half way through the series.  As she's changing her bra, she teases you by playing with some ice cubes, perking up her already perky breasts!  Then she asks you if you want her to use those ice cubes in your drink :-)  As Taylor gets ready to make your Margarita, you get to watch her from all different angles.  She bends down to get into the bottom cabinets, then she climbs up on a bar stool to reach the glasses in the upper cabinet.  And you think... "I'll have to drink my Margarita fast, just so I can watch her do this all over again!" 
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Strappy Black Teddy
Strappy Black TeddyTaylor is dressed in a long tan leather skirt and black blouse.  But concealed under her conservative outfit, is a sexy black strappy teddy and black thigh-high stockings.  Slowly she reveals more and more of her seductive lingerie.  First she unzips her skirt and slides it down her stocking-clad legs.  Then she unbuttons her blouse and begins showing more of her teddy, and the pictures get more and more revealing.
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White Shirt 1
(black lace bikinis)
White Shirt 1Taylor is wearing a basic white dress shirt with her black lace bikini panties, black lace-top thigh-highs, and black patent leather mules.  She decends the staircase, giving you nice glimpses of her cleavage, her legs, and her panties.  Then she goes outside on the front porch, dressed in her skimpy outfit, where she poses for some daring public pictures, finally peeling her panties down to her ankles. 
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White Shirt 2
White Shirt 2In this second part of Taylor's White Shirt series, she trades her lace bikini panties for a pair of sheer black hip-hugger briefs.  She peels off her black stockings and strips out of her satin bra and white shirt.  Then she lights up a cigarette and has a smoke on the front porch, wearing just her sexy panties and her black patent leather mules.
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BedtimeWatch Taylor getting ready for bed in this photo set!  She starts off wearing a little white lace nightie over her white thong panties as she rubs lotion on her arms, legs, chest and butt.  Then she lets down her hair and goes over to the bed and turns down the covers before slipping out of her nightie and getting into bed to go night-night!  She looks invitingly into the camera as she gets into bed an lays down.  But she goes to sleep alone :-(  Shouldn't someone be there to keep her warm?!
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Getting Dressed
Getting Dressed Taylor wakes up in the morning and lounges in bed reading the newspaper.  Her robe is untied and you see her breasts and her sheer baby blue thong panties when she moves.  You spy on her from the doorway as she gets out of bed and starts getting dressed.  She drops her robe to the floor and reaches for her bra.  You watch as she puts on her bra and adjusts her breasts in it.  Then she rolls up her nude stockings and slides them up her legs one at a time.  She steps into her heels, and buckles the ankle straps.  Then she wiggles into her tight skirt, and puts on her blouse buttoning it up slowly.  She puts on such a sexy show for you, that you wonder if she knows you're watching! 
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Disco Flashback - Taylor and Silver
Disco Flashback - Taylor and SilverThis is another photo set that Taylor and Silver did together.  They dressed up in their retro disco clothes and rubbed body glitter on each other (see the sample pic).  They brought one of their 70's disco CDs and danced around together lifting up their own and each other's skirts, giving peeks at their matching glitter panties.  Then they help each other take their dresses off, and Taylor helps Silver change into a pair of six inch platforms.  At one point, they get into a tug-of-war with Silver's dress, and when Silver wins, she ties it around Taylor's neck like a leash and dominates her.  They really had a lot of fun doing these pictures!
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Baking Muffins
Baking MuffinsTaylor is in the kitchen baking muffins.  She is wearing a sheer lace blouse through which you can see her white satin bra.  As she reaches up to a high shelf, you get a glimpse of her sheer white thong panties, as you look up her short denim mini-skirt.  Perched atop her white six-inch platform heels, she moves about the kitchen bending, stretching, stirring, and mixing.  When she gets some batter on her skirt, blouse, and breasts, she removes some of her clothes.  Then after getting her muffins in the oven, she takes of her bra and rinses her breasts off in the kitchen sink.  Be careful Taylor!  You might get your panties wet! 
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Maroon Nightgown
Taylor is lounging in her silky maroon nightgown.  Underneath, she is wearing sheer thong panties, a maroon garter, and tan thigh-high stockings.  The shoulder strap of her nightgown falls off her shoulder, revealing her breast.  She lifts the hem of her nightgown, and you see the see-through front of her panties.  She unclasps her garter from her stockings, then lowers her nightgown and steps out of it, as she gets ready for bed.
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Black Robe
Taylor lounges in the bedroom, wearing a sheer black negligee robe.  It does little to cover her bare breasts or her very sheer thong panties.  When she takes off her tan thigh-high stockings, she notices a run and begins tearing the stockings off of her leg.  Then, with her stockings off and her black patent leather mules back on her feet, she poses for a few more revealing shots! 
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Waiting Room Strip
Taylor has an appointment at the doctor's office.  She is the last patient of the day and is waiting alone in the waiting room.  The doctor is taking longer than expected.  So Taylor begins undressing right there in the waiting room, figuring this will save some time in the exam room.  She takes off her jacket and blouse, revealing her white satin and lace bustier.  As she sits in the chair, you can see her lacy white panties up her skirt.  Her bustier has trouble containing her perky nipples, and she decides to unclasp it and take it off too.  Imagine the doctor's surprise when he invites her in the back for her examination, and finds her already half undressed!  What a great way to end the day! 
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Sheer Lace Nightie
Taylor is lounging on her bed wearing a sexy little sheer lace nightie.  Feminine lace covers her breasts.  You can see her matching pretty lace thong panties through the sheer mesh skirt of her nightie.  And white lace-top thigh-high stockings caress her long legs.  Slowly she teases you, rolling down her stockings and peeling them off of her legs, then allowing the lacy top her her nightgown to fall below her breasts.  Finally, she pulls down her lace panties and steps out of them, giving you several breathtaking views through the sheer material of her nightie. 
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Taylor is expecting you home soon, and plans a special surprise for you.  Dressed in a black mini dress, fishnet hose, and black leather knee-high boots, she gets some rope and prepares to make herself vulnerable for you.  She pulls her dress off over her head, revealing her black satin corset and black lace thong panties.  Just as she gets her wrists tied to the railing, you come in and find her rendered helpless to you.  And you take advantage of her helpless state!  Slowly you unclasp the front of her corset, revealing more and more of her tanned breasts, and finally taking it off.  You know this is going to be a great night... and it's just beginning! 
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